Hashmoder's "STABBING BASSLINE" Stamp Of AprovalSunday morning, November 14, 2010:   I was walking on Baker Street in Nelson, British Columbia.  All the retail shops were closed except for this particular one which was not supposed’ve been open till 11-am: Urban Legends. I walked in.  Ok, so this store supposedly has over 10,000 new-&-used records.  As I was going through the bin of limited number of 12″ singles, I just happened to find (to my utter surprise and disbelief) this amazing record — unopened and brand spanking new (still wrapped) 12″ single of Dead Or Alive‘s 1985 worldwide hit track You Spin Me Round (Murder Mix). I have been looking for this record since 1987.  I regretted not buying it on 12″ in 1985 when the track was in the charts and stores.  And since then, I’ve searched high and low for it in the Americas, Caribbean and Europe …but no avail.  However, twenty-three years later –of all the places and time in this world & era– there it was in my hands — from a small record store in a small town:  Nelson, British Columbia!  It was meant to happen.  I was supposed to have left Nelson the previous day (Saturday) and driven back home to Vancouver.  I had no reason to stay an extra day in Nelson; I didn’t know why.  When I woke up that Sunday morning, I was craving bacon and eggs.  So I had a good morning brunch at the Hume Hotel. After brunch and full-stomach, I decided to walk-off the heavy meal by window-shopping on Baker Street.  Next thing I know was that I was standing in front of Urban Legends store which was open.  I walked in… less than five minutes later this 12″ was in my hand.  Talk about good KARMA!

Once I got back home to Vancouver the following Monday, I ran to my studio to play this record.  Oh man… THE BASSLINES.  This is one of Stock, Aitken & Waterman most successful international hits of all time.  There’s a good reason why this track still stands the test of time.  Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) receives my Stabbing Bassline Stamp-Of-Approval.

Dead Or Alive – “You Spin Me Round” (Like A Record) (Murder Mix)…

Artist: Dead Or Alive
Title: You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix)
Year: 1985
Label: Epic Records
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.

Dead Or Alive – “You Spin Me Round” (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) (mp3)


Music Dead Or Alive – “You Spin Me Round” (Like A Record)…