Worlds Famous Supreme Team

The production on this LP is stellar. Doug Wimbish on the bass and bass-synthesizers; Keith LeBlank on the drums; synth & drum machine programming by Jack Waldman, Clifton Chase and Craig Peyton; background vocals by Divine; there’s even a five-member horn section; and the list goes on. One of the tracks is even produced by Malcolm McLaren (“Hey DJ“).

I decided to post Misery because of how it sounds. Nice keyboard layers. It’s an emotional track produced by Bradshaw Leigh. Even though the title of this track may seem like a downer, but in fact the track is very powerful, uplifting and inspirational in the positive direction.

I used to walk around Toronto and London a lot back in the day while listening to Misery on my walkman. The track’s powerful note and chord progressions served as the driving soundtrack to the vivid visuals which I’ve imagined/created in my head, going through my own kind of transcendental and meditational real-life montage. If I remember correctly, there were few images of beautiful faces from pretty women going through my mind, like a music video in slow motion. Heh, I was only 15 years old!

World’s Famous Supreme Team – “Misery”…

Artist: World’s Famous Supreme Team
Title: Misery
Year: 1986
Label: Charisma Records
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.

World’s Famous Supreme Team – “Misery” (mp3)


Doug Wimbish (featuring Fats Comet)…

Previously blogged about Doug Wimbish on September 18, 2009 (click here to read)

Title: Don’t Forget That Beat
Year: 1985
Genre: Electronic Funk Drumbeat Industrial
Comment: Doug Wimbish is one bad-ass bassist. He collaborated with Fats Comet on this track. Both are from the UK. Their sound is like Art Of Noise meets Africa Bambaattaa meets Ministry (of 1985 sound).

Doug Wimbish [featuring Fats Comet] – Don’t Forget That Beat (mp3)