Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Long Version)

Such a kick-ass track. Produced by Giorgio Moroder; his pioneering sound & style of electric-disco are all over this track.

Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Long Version)…

Artist: Japan
Title: Life In Tokyo (Long Version)
Year: 1981
Label: Hansa International

Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Long Version) (mp3)


Music Video: Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Extended Disco Version)…

The first time hearing this incredible remix of Billy Idol’s Flesh For Fantasy in 1984, I did not pay much attention to it for no reason at all. I’ve always loved the original LP version, but my brain failed to register Below The Belt Mix. It had all the elements which I craved in any given track in those times: drum machines, samples of stuttering vocals and guitar stabs, synthesizers, etc.  Tight programming and blending of electronic synth, pop and rock music, produced by Keith Forsey who had worked extensively with Giorgio Moroder (go figure Below The Belt Mix sounding electronic!) — the godfather of electric disco, also notoriously known for his mind-blasting The Chase theme soundtrack of Midnight Exress motion picture!

The day which Below The Belt Mix floored me and left me breathless was at an all-nude strip bar near LAX airport, early one Summer afternoon in 1993. The place wasn’t packed. I was having a few drinks and watching the dancer peel off all her clothes on stage while listening to the loud music. Below The Belt Mix came on next. And she cirque-du-soleil’ed nude to it deeply into the flesh, heart & spirit of the song, as if it was her last dance in the world.

Billy Idol – “Flesh For Fantasy” (Below The Belt Mix)…

Artist: Billy Idol
Title: Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)
Year: 1984
Label: Chrysalis Records.

Billy Idol – “Flesh For Fantasy” (Below The Belt Mix) (mp3)


Music Video: Billy Idol – “Flesh For Fantasy”…

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