I’m trying out a new format:

  1. First, I’ll pick two rare records from my vinyl collection.
  2. Second, I’ll record my voice through the vocoder, “Presented by Hashmoder.”
  3. Third, I’ll record the two records straight to MP3. Simple, quick and fierce. This way I can post blogs on Schitz more quickly and to the point.

From the private stash of my awesome vinyl collection, I present to you Chubb Rock and Fats Comet, below:

Chubb Rock…

Title: Ya Bad Chubbs (Cribs Mix)
Remixed by: Howie Tee
Year: 1989
Genre: House

Chubb Rock – “Ya Bad Chubbs” (Crib Mix) (mp3)


Doug Wimbish (featuring Fats Comet)…

Title: Don’t Forget That Beat
Year: 1985
Genre: Electronic Funk Drumbeat Industrial
Comment: Doug Wimbish is one bad-ass bassist. He collaborated with Fats Comet on this track. Both are from the UK. Their sound is like Art Of Noise meets Africa Bambaattaa meets Ministry (of 1985 sound).

Doug Wimbish [featuring Fats Comet] – Don’t Forget That Beat (mp3)