Sharpe & Numan – “Change Your Mind” (Extended Version)…

Artist: Sharpe & Numan
Title: Change Your Mind (Extended Version)
Year: 1985
Label: Polydor

Sharpe & Numan – “Change Your Mind” (Extended Version) (mp3)


Spandau Ballet – “Chant No. 1″ (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) (12″ Mix)…

Artist: Spandau Ballet
Title: Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) (12″ Mix)
Year: 1981
Label: Chrysalis Records

Spandau Ballet – “Chant No. 1″ (I Don’t Need This Pressure On) (12″ Mix) (mp3)


Human League, The – “Hard Times/Love Action” (I Believe In Love)  (12″)…

Artist: Human League, The
Title: Hard Times/Hard Times (I Believe In Love) (12″)
Year: 1981
Label: Virgin

Human League, The – “Hard Times/Love Action” (I Believe In Love) (12″) (mp3)


Yaz/Yazoo – “Nobody’s Diary” (Extended Version)…

Artist: Yaz/Yazoo
Title: Nobody’s Diary (Extended Version)
Year: 1983
Label: Mute Records

Yaz/Yazoo – “Nobody’s Diary” (Extended Version) (mp3)



A new music sub-category was added to this blog today…
Stabbing Basslines is now listed in the Categories navigation-menu on the right-sidebar.  All tracks in this category will have STABBING BASSLINE stamp-of-approval image next to their titles.  I just LOVE any kind of track that has stabbing and rolling bassline(s) coming from synthesizers and any other kind of bass instrument. Such basslines DRIVE the music tracks along their spinal-chords, punching and grooving their way through the sound-wave paths of polyrhythms.  So it is in this section where carefully-selected tracks with stabbing-basslines will be categorized under.

The first time I heard LL Cool J was when I was at the movies.  There he was …right before my eyes …making his first film debut in Krush Groove and literally performing to the audience for the first time his debut track I Can’t Live Without My Radio.  It blew me away!  By the time the release of his first album Radio made it to Starsounds record store in Toronto, Canada, I was one of the first to get a copy.  The LP version of You’ll Rock is not as wicked as this remix posted here, but nonetheless it’s still good.  I considered LL Cool J to be one of my first serious, solid and harder/core rappers in the music scene of 1985, as he was the first rapper/artist to be signed with Def Jam Recordings (hence, the story of Krush Groove movie was somewhat like the real story of how Def Jam got started).

LL Cool J – “You’ll Rock” (Remix)…

Artist: LL Cool J
Title: You’ll Rock (Remix)
Year: 1985
Label: Def Jam Recordings

LL Cool J – “You’ll Rock” (Remix) (mp3)


Early LL Cool J’s film & music debut in Krush Groove (1985)…

Break Machine – “Street Dance” (Extended/Vocal)…

Artist: Break Machine
Title: Street Dance (Extended/Vocal)
Year: 1983
Label: Sire Records Company

Break Machine – “Street Dance” (Extended/Vocal) (mp3)


Music Video: Break Machine – “Street Dance”…

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