Hashmoder 2010

About Omar Hash (aka Hashmoder)…

Born and lived in Baghdad, Iraq, until the age of 6.5 years old. Moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE, in May 31st, 1977, and lived there till 1982. Moved to London and Buckinghamshire, England, in 1980; lived there till 1992. Defected to Canada in 1982 and stayed in Toronto. Became a Canadian citizen in 1986. Travelled/commuted continuously back & forth between England and Canada. I’ve also lived in Chicago, Illinois, and Scottsdale, Arizona, from 1989-2001. Now I’m back to living in Canada :)

I know how to use/operate synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and all sorts of pro-audio gear. I’m also a black-belt Protools ninja. In my own way, I’m a mad scientist of acoustics, professional engineer, and producer —— forever continuing to appreciate the endless supply of wealth in knowledge in science-&-physics of sound and music theories —— trying to break new grounds by experimenting —— and hoping to go on that path with infinite possibilities towards clever tricks, programming and sound-design of musical paintings with good taste —— for the deepest joy, pleasure and soul of pure listening-purposes.

I’m also an avid music hunter and collector, with thousands of multi-genre, rare & mainstream vinyl records (albums, singles, 45′s and 12-inches) and CD’s in my collection spanning over three decades of my life.

Music Collection (Records & CD’s)…

Record collection wall

CD collection (left) and Record collection (right) walls

Record collection on another wall on the other side of the room.