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Front Line Assembly is a Canadian industrial/EBM band formed by Bill Leeb in 1986 after leaving Skinny Puppy (another Canadian industrial/EBM band).

In 1990, I was in Chicago buying records and CD’s. I was looking for industrial music. With the help of one of the store’s staff who was exposing me to a lot of industrial music artists, he placed this particular CD single in my hand (the very same one pictured above). He was kind enough to unwrap and put it inside a CD player. And then he handed me the heaphones and made me listen to Provision. I was immediately blown away from the very first beat/note. After few measures, the pulsating & punchy basslines kicked in. Knocked me off my feet. I just had to have it. So I bought it.

Front Line Assembly – “Provision”…

Artist: Front Line Assembly
Title: Provision
Year: 1990
Label: Wax Trax! Records

Front Line Assembly – “Provision” (mp3)