I’m still playing this track since it first came in the late Fall of 1984. It’s that good! Amazing synth-pads and processed power-drums. Lots of dubby layers and one of the first to come up with the stutter-scrub-start/stop-pitch’downs-pitch’ups type of edits in the mix. Very hard to do and accomplish at that time. Only skilled engineers and remixers could’ve achieved those effects in the mix-downs and mastering stages. The later parts of Out Of Touch (Dub) goes through amazing phasing, flanging and delays that may have possibly been done with high-end signal/effect processors like the Eventide H3000 or the Lexicon PCM42. Very tight track that drives from start to finish.

Hall & Oats – “Out Of Touch” (Dub Version)…

Hall and Oats - Out Of Touch (Dub Version)Artist: Hall & Oats
Title: Out Of Touch (Dub Version)
Year: 1984
Label: RCA

Hall & Oats – “Out Of Touch” (Dub Version) (mp3)