Tommy Musto - Wired - Beat Drum

I remember this track being different from all the rest. Tommy Musto raised the bar when it came to hard, punchy, rolling melodic bassline in this track which blends 4/4 House-beat and Freestyle elements. Although the date printed on the 12-inch says 1987, this track was originally released in 1986. The record you see in the picture above is a 1987 re-issue.

Tommy Musto :: Wired – “To The Beat Of The Drum” (Crash Version)…

Artist: Wired [Tommy Musto]
Title: To The Beat Of The Drum
Year: 1987 (really 1986)
Label: Underworld; Creole
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.

Wired [Tommy Musto] – “To The Beat Of The Drum” (Crash Version) (mp3)