I am dedicating this track to my longtime neighbor and close friend –my brother– Pom Pom Pizzy. He has just lost one of his very best friends who passed away suddenly on November 29, 2009 — just few short days ago.

Pizzy, my brother, I’m dedicating this track to you. I can just imagine how you’re feeling and what you’re going through right now. Losing your best friend H-Breezy, whom you’ve known and loved all your life, is a very terrible loss. I can only bet you’re still in shock about it all. Use all the time you need, as time is always available in abundance to bereave the loss of your very best friend. But keep going through those great/happy memories between you and H-Breezy. Think about all the times you two did things together:  joking back and forth and laughing out loud in the car, or on the couch; going on trips to so many different places; partying together with the rest of the lads; going on long drives, talking and listening to music; confiding and seeking advice; being each other’s armor-bearer for support; watching each other’s backs; and telling each other “goodnights” and looking forward to “good mornings” on every last-nights and tomorrows. Always remember, you’ll always have a homebase to come back to.

Keep it together and be strong brother!

Phil Collins – “Take Me Home” (12″ers Extended Version)…

Artist: Phil Collins
Title: Take Me Home (12″er0s Extended Versions)
Year: 1985
Label: Atlantic Recordings
Media Source: Extracted directly from audio CD: Phil Collins – 12″ers EP (1987).

Phil Collins – “Take Me Home” (12″ers Extended Version) (mp3)