The Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair is a great product. It is an enclosed plastic container with two rollers on the bottom. Rolling and sliding it side-by-side in any direction, the rollers pick up animal hair and dust off of most fabrics on furniture, blankets, pillows, clothes, etc. It works like a charm for me. However, the instructions on the back of sweeper’s box clearly states, “Simply throw the sweeper away when it is full. The sweeper is full when it picks up no more hair. …Do not try to empty or disassemble disposable sweeper.

Now I have a problem with that. Since sweeper does get full rather quickly after few regular uses, Pledge company would then want me to buy more of its pet-hair sweepers rather than have me clean the sweeper instead. Throwing away sweepers contributes more trash and is NOT eco-friendly to the environment. Therefore the only solution (and option) available is “to empty” and by disassembling sweeper without disposing it. Using razors or screw-drivers and cutting open the plastic container from the top or the sides is NOT the way to go about it-!

Easiest way to clean & re-use Pledge Fabric Sweeper…

(1) This is what the Frabric Sweeper looks like when almost full of hair.
(2) It’s very easy to pop the two rollers out from the bottom.
(3) Dispose of all the hair taken out from the inside of the plastic container.

Use a vacuum cleaner, if you must, to really suck every strand of hair and dust stuck in areas where fingers can’t reach.

(4) Take out all the hair from the other (hollow) sides of the two rollers.
(5) With your fingers/thumb, scrub off all hair from the fabric glued on the two rollers.
(6) Notice the different pin/ends on one end of the rollers. One bigger semi-circle, and one smaller semi-circle.
(7) Match the ends of the rollers to the pinholes of the plastic container when popping them back in.
(8) TA-DAAA.
(9) Like brand-new again. No need to throw away. Save money. No trashing, no polluting.