Chaka Khan - I Feel For You

One of my all time fav tracks. Best time of my life when I Feel For You came out: December 1984 ….. 13 years old ….. white Christmas in England (my fav time and place to be in the world) ….. my whole family at our happiest times ….. and this track was my soundtrack theme! If I could only turn back the clock, I would travel to that exact time and scene when all I did was buy records, make compilation music tapes, go out shopping with my older brother, walk around London at nights, window-shopping along the beautifully and seasonally  lit-up streets and parks. Harrods; Sloan Street; King Street; Picadilly Circus; Tower Records; movies; restaurants; friends; flat in London; Spanish house in the countryside; snow; great comedies on BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel-4. Band Aid‘s Do They Know It’s Christmas Time (Feed The World) benefit-song was just released for the first and all over the airwaves. England in Christmas was vibrant. New Years Eve with the parents at a ballroom party and then walk the streets of London afterhours …. Oxford Street, Regent Street, Marble Arche, Park Lane, Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, etc. Crowds of people on the streets with champagne bottles and beer in their hands; everyone hugging each other; confetti in the air; cars honking; IT’S A CELEBRATION, BITCH!

And Chaka Khan‘s I Feel For You takes me there whenever I play the track around this time of year.

Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You” (12″ Extended)…

Artist: Chaka Khan
Title: I Feel For You (12″ Extended)
Year: 1984
Label: Warner Bros.
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.
Blog Claim: FVQ6QN5QM3UJ

Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You” (12″ Extended) (mp3)


Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You” (1989 Remix)…

Artist: Chaka Khan
Title: I Feel For You (1989 Remix)
Year: 1989
Label: Warner Bros.
Media Source: Extracted directly from Audio-CD.

Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You” (1989 Remix) (mp3)