It’s been exactly one year since DJ Veronica’s last mix It’s About Time. As usual, she was over here last night at my home-studio where her mix is being mastered by me.  As I was bouncing the finalized mix to audio-file, DJ Veronica danced all the place and later ate all my chocolate snacks and potato chips.

DJ Veronica – “A  New Beginning”…

Artist: DJ Veronica
Title: A New Beginning (DJ mix set)
Year: 2011
Comment: Mastered by Hashmoder (Omar Hash)

DJ Veronica – “It’s About Time”" (mp3) (link path)


From DJ Veronica to you…

So I was on my way to California for a week, all checked-in, through security, and then the flight was cancelled. Apparently the plane was struck by lightning on its way into Vancouver. A 6″ hole went through the nose of the plane! Needless to say, there was no chance of getting out of town, so I got my bags and went back home. Everyone I knew thought I was out of town. I had no responsibilities. I was on vacation, yet I was at home, so I fired up the speakers, cranked the bass, and pulled out the tracks and hit record.  This is the end result.

My new mix –A New Beginning– is full of tracks which I think are nostalgic. It makes me happy. I hope it does the same for you. It evokes memories of good times.  And I mean GOOD TIMES! Track such as Music Is The Answer, Sugar Daddy, Music Sounds Better With You …and so many more… that I know you will recognize but with an updated twist.

Hashmoder has mastered this mix for me in the way that only he can. Thank-you my friend! You rock!

To all my fans over the years, this one’s for you!  Enjoy! And catch me this week-end opening for Peaches @ the Utopia Festival!

Much love.  Music IS the answer!!!

…DJ Veronica

Hashmoder's "STABBING BASSLINE" Stamp Of AprovalYou want rolling basslines?  Then this old but AMAZING synth-house track is for you.  Sixteenth-notes of multi-tap-delayed bassline sequences.  Shakers.  Roland TR-909 kicks and hi-hats.  Other synth pads that are gated in 16th-note steps.  I get the goosebumps every time I listen to this track.  Play this track in your car and drive somewhere with nice visual surrounding.  Or play it at home by standing dead-center between two beefy speakers …close your eyes …and allow your mind and ears to be driven.

Havana‘s Disorder has gotten my Stabbing Bassline Stamp-Of-Approval since 1994 …and I still haven’t revoked it yet :)

Havana – “Disorder” (Original Version)…

Artist: Havana
Title: Disorder (Original Version)
Year: 1994/1997
Label: Hook Recordings
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.

Havana – “Disorder” (Original Version) (mp3)


DJ Veronica, Amy Rozier, It's About Time

It’s been five long years since DJ Veronica made a new mix set. She was over here at my home-studio less than two weeks ago, having her latest mix-set It’s About Time mastered. It took me over 10 days to come up with and edit a really super cool intro at the beginning of the mix, after the mastering was finished. I super spliced and edited two tracks together with my own voice on the vocoder on top of it … plus a lot of audio engineering and automation, such as the panning. The two tracks used as intro were (1) Grace Jones – “Slave To The Rhythm” and (2) Kano – “It’s A War.”

DJ Veronica – “It’s About Time”…

Artist: DJ Veronica
Title: It’s About Time (DJ mix set)
Year: 2010
Comment: Intro edits & vocoder by Hashmoder; mastered by Hashmoder (Omar Hash)

DJ Veronica – “It’s About Time”" (mp3) (link path)


From DJ Veronica to you…

After spending 17 glorious days and nights in Whistler during the 2010 Olympics, I became motivated to make a new CD.  Now this is something that I used to do just about every month back in the 90s, and I have released many CDs in the past, but for some reason, which to this date I cannot explain, I have not made a CD in five years.

When my girlfriends and I were at the Chalet, apart from numerous suitcases of clothes and ski equipment, we also brought up all the sound gear and set it up in the living room where one could mix a CD and look out onto the snow-covered trees while the living room transformed itself into a dance-floor.  With audiences such as Team France and Team Mexico and a few local Whistler DJs, the party never stopped.  Sarah-Hannah and I had some great mix sessions together and we often could not stop well into the wee hours of the morning.

Whenever I would hit the slopes or the patio of La Bocca it seemed there was always a soundtrack coursing through my mind.  I was again inspired.  And I mean really inspired.  I have been playing out at nightclubs for over 13 years in places such as New York, Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, Seattle, Oregon and I have held many residencies of course in my hometown of Vancouver, but for some reason the urge to make a new mix faded a bit…but it’s now back with a vengeance!

When I came back from Whistler, I put this mix together one evening over a glass of wine while my little dog Hana watched me curiously, and occasionally jumping up for me to lift her up and do a little dance with her.  I think she likes this mix, and I hope that you do too.  It’s perfect for driving in the car or listening to after the club at an impromptu after-party.  It’s not exactly what I play out at clubs, as I usually play a little harder, but this is a collection of what I am really into now, and I can say that without a doubt this is the best mix I have ever made. A big thanks to Hashmoder for taking the time to master this CD.  You’re the best…

…DJ Veronica

DJ Veronica Photo Gallery…


[img src=]22420DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
At the Lotus Sound Lounge, Vancouver.
[img src=]1970DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
At the Lotus Sound Lounge, Vancouver.
[img src=]1400DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
At the Lotus Sound Lounge, Vancouver.
[img src=]1160DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
At the Lotus Sound Lounge, Vancouver.
[img src=]660DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]810DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]540DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]510DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
At Hashmoder's studio, on the Keytar.
[img src=]400DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]270DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]340DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier) and Hana
[img src=]440DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier) and Sarah-Hannah (left)
[img src=]270Sarah-Hannah
[img src=]380DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]360DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]350DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]330DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier) and DeeJay Rhiannon (Rhiannon Jane)
[img src=]330DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]240DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]250DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]280DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]260Sarah-Hannah (middle) and DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]200DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
In Whistler, 2010 Winter Olympics.
[img src=]200DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]290DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier)
[img src=]300Hashmoder, Kate Wilson, DJ Veronica (Amy Rozier), Josh
June 2009 at The Shine club, Vancouver. Good italo dance music that night.
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