StreetSounds Electro-15 front coverStreetSounds Electro-15 back cover
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I haven’t played this record in over 23+ years.  When I put this record on the deck last night, I was shocked at how bad the sound-quality was.  The bad sound wasn’t from the result of degradation of the vinyl over the years. In fact, the record is still in MINT condition. But the bad quality came from the original recording of either the original tape-master itself and/or the pressing.  The sound sounded like a low-resolution MP3.  UNACCEPTABLE!   By today’s standards, of course.

Then all a sudden  –like an enormous & powerful flashback shooting out like a bullet from the back  area of my deepest recessed memory, fully taking over all my five senses– the Spirit of Vinyl-Past sucked me into a worm-hole and travelled me back in time to the year 1986… to the same exact point of day and time as to when I bought Electro-15 record from a store in London or Uxbridge … went home and played it for the first time… but upon my first impression after listening to it, I had actually thought back then about the recording quality sounding awfully worse than all of the previous Electro releases.  Disappointed then.  Disappointed now even.

However……. now……… I just love how last night was like listening to Electro-15 for the first time again >> but this time with a genuine worm-hole-deja-vouz. Surreal!

Only this time I was blessed to do quick EQing, compressing, reverbing and simple mastering to the overall sound to an acceptable & reasonable state of being compatible to the 12st Century human ears.

With my dirty-hands, I accentuated the ghetto beefness … I widened the stereo-field … I brightened the upper end … I added some depth with room-dimensions via Lexicon reverb (with careful programming of all parameters; no presets were chosen!  And, as a matter of fact, every Electro recording of mine has different reverb-settings which I’d programmed each very meticulously) … I left-alone some of the record’s dirt & scratches … and, most importantly, I wanted the sound/feeling of an actual vinyl-record to be pushed-in-your-face for the meditative experience of listening-purposes (which might be great to expose the new generation of listeners/collectors to what it really and SHOULD HAVE sounded like for them back then).     The GRIT just had to stay!

I could have mastered Electro-15 so clean like a digital CD-master, without anybody else being able to tell the difference between whether the recording coming from a vinyl or not.  But that would be no fun. HELL NO!  >>>>> I like sticking it in to ya:  RAW BEEF sound with my own STAMP on it.

StreetSounds Electro-15  (Side A)…

Title: Electro-15  (Side A)
Mixed by: Herbie ‘Mastermind’ Laidley
Year: 1986
Label: StreetSounds
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.

StreetSounds Electro-15  (Side A) (mp3)



  • A1: Duke Bootee – “Broadway”
    Produced by Duke Bootee
  • A2: Skinny Boys – “Awesome”
    Produced by Mark Bush
  • A3: Kurtis Blow - “The Bronx”
    Produced by Kurtis Blow
  • A4: DJ Scott La Rock, Blastmaster KRS One & D-Nice – “South Bronx”
    Produced by Boogie Down Productions

StreetSounds Electro-15  (Side B)…

Title: Electro-15  (Side B)
Mixed by: Herbie ‘Mastermind’ Laidley
Year: 1986
Label: StreetSounds
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.

StreetSounds Electro-15  (Side B) (mp3)



  • B1: Just-Ice - “Cold Gettin’ Dumb”
    Produced by The Lord High Ruler & Emperor Of The Beat
  • B2: Faze One – “Layin’ Down A Beat” (Censored Version)
    Produced by Dave Ogrin
  • B3: The Move - “Greedy Girls” (Extended Version)
    Produced by Cozmo D, Chilly B, The Move
  • B4: Captain Rock – “Bongo Beat”
    Produced by Taharqa Aleem & Tunde-Ra Aleem