Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Long Version)

Such a kick-ass track. Produced by Giorgio Moroder; his pioneering sound & style of electric-disco are all over this track.

Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Long Version)…

Artist: Japan
Title: Life In Tokyo (Long Version)
Year: 1981
Label: Hansa International

Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Long Version) (mp3)


Music Video: Japan – “Life In Tokyo” (Extended Disco Version)…

Landscape – “Einstein A Go-Go” (12″ Mix)

Landscape – “Einstein A Go-Go” (12″ Mix)…

Artist: Landscape
Title: Einstein A Go-Go (12″ Mix)
Year: 1981
Label: RCA

Landscape – “Einstein A Go-Go” (12″ Mix) (mp3)


Music Video: Landscape – “Einstein A Go-Go”…

Altered Images – “Don’t Talk To Me About Me About Love” (12″ Version)…

Artist: Altered Images
Title: Don’t Talk To Me About Love (12″ Version)
Year: 1983
Label: Epic

Altered Images – “Don’t Talk To Me About Love”
(12″ Version) (mp3)


Heaven 17 – “Play To Win” (BEF Disco Mix)

Heaven 17 – “Play To Win” (BEF Disco Mix)…

Artist: Heaven 17
Title: Play To Win (BEF Disco Mix)
Year: 1981
Label: Virgin

Heaven 17 – “Play To Win” (BEF Disco Mix) (mp3)


Heaven 17 - "Play To Win" (BEF Disco Mix) front cover of 12" vinyl

Heaven 17 - "Play To Win" (BEF Disco Mix) back cover of 12" vinyl

Heaven 17 – “Penthouse And Pavement” (12″ Mix)…

Heaven 17 - "Penthouse And Pavement" (12" Mix) cover 12" vinylArtist: Heaven 17
Title: Penthouse And Pavement (12″ Mix)
Year: 1981
Label: Virgin

Heaven 17 – “Penthouse And Pavement” (12″ Mix) (mp3)


This is one bad-ass remix. Electronic, acid-pop house, 4/4 to the floor. Ben Liebrand at his best.

INXS – “Need You Tonight” (Ben Liebrand Mix)…

INXS - I Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand Mix)Artist: INXS
Title: Need You Tonight (Ben Liebrand Mix)
Year: 1988
Label: Mercury

INXS – “Need You Tonight” (Ben Liebrand Mix) (mp3)


INXS - I Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn 12-inch Mix)

INXS – “Need You Tonight” (Mendelsohn 12″ Mix)

Previously posted last March 2010.


StreetSounds Electro-9 front coverStreetSounds Electro-9 back cover
click each image above to enlarge

StreetSounds Electro-9  (Side A) & (Side B)…

Title: Electro-9  (Side A) & (Side B)
Mixed by: Herbie ‘Mastermind’ Laidley
Year: 1985
Label: StreetSounds
Media Source: Recorded straight from 12-inch record to enhanced digital.

StreetSounds Electro-9  (Side A) & (SideB) (mp3)



  • A1: Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew – “The Show”
    Produced by Dennis Bell & Ollie Cotton
  • A2: Bad Boys – “Bad Boys”
    Produced by David Eng & Anthony Dick
  • A3: D.ST – “The Home Of Hip Hop”
    Produced by D.ST
  • A4: Kid Frost – “Terminator”
    Produced by Dave Storrs
  • B1: The World Class Wreckin’ Cru - “World Class”
    Produced by Lonzo & The Wreckin’ Cru
  • B2: Mantornix – “Needle To The Groove”
    Produced by Aaron Mantronix
  • B3: Fat Boys – “The Fat Boys Are Back”
    Produced by Kurtis Blow
  • B4: Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three - “The Roof Is On Fire”
    Produced by Jerry Bloodrock
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