Hashmoder's "STABBING BASSLINE" Stamp Of AprovalOH MY GOD were the first words to come out of my mouth immediately when this track started.  And that was back in 1983.  Combination Mix of Get The Balance Right starts right off the bat with a punchy & crunchy bassline, stabbing your face repeatedly with hot & fat analog synth bassline in 16th-note sequencer-steps.  This track is nice and long with minimal (almost dub-instrusmental) passages, balanced in every way: Bassline intro, music build-up, lyrical verses, vocal choruses, instrumental/dub passages, and a driving energy that grooves all the way to the outro/ending.  After all these years, this track still remains not being stupid but forever  SERIOUS!

Get The Balance Right is ultimate for listening-purposes and dancing your way back to the early New Wave synth-energized 80′s underground dance scene at some geezer’s bass’ment by time-traveling inside a Ford Cortina Mark 5.

Depeche Mode – “Get The Balance Right” (Combination Mix)…

Artist: Depeche Mode
Title: Get The Balance Right (Combination Mix)
Year: 1983
Label: Mute Records

Depeche Mode – “Get The Balance Right” (Combination Mix) (mp3)